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Salmon Patches in neonates

Salmon patches are commonly seen in the newborn period ,Salmon patches are more common in Caucasian populations. Alternative terms are naevus simplex, "angel kisses" (when on the forehead or eyelids), and "stork bites" (over the nape of the neck). They are midline malformations consisting of ectatic capillaries in the upper dermis with normal overlying skin.

Most will resolve over the first couple of years of life, but some - especially the nuchal lesions - may persist into adulthood.

It is important to differentiate salmon patches from port-wine stains (PWS). PWS are more lateral, do not resolve, and may darken and thicken with age. Some haemangiomas over the eyelid may also start as a faint erythematous patch before developing into a more typical haemangioma.

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