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Triangle of Auscultation

*The triangle of ausculation of the lungs is situated posterior and superficial to the scapula.

*It has the following boundaries:
- Superiorly, by the Trapezius
- Inferiorly, by the Latissimus dorsi
- Laterally by the medial margin of the scapula

*The floor is partly formed by the Rhomboideus major and parts of 6th and 7th ribs.

*The triangle of auscultation is a space on the back where the relatively thin musculature allows for respiratory sounds to be heard more clearly with a stethoscope.
*To better expose the floor of the triangle, which is made up of the posterior thoracic wall in the 6th intercostal space, the patient is asked to fold their arms across their chest, medially rotating the scapulae, while bending forward at the trunk.

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